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Whenever we use health and care services, the people who care for us record information – or data – about us. This helps them provide that care in the best possible ways. 


But how else can we use that data in ways that benefit the people of Leeds?

The issue

Researchers and doctors want to understand more about how to treat and prevent ill health and how to better plan health and care services.  They can do this by looking at and linking data from many people’s records and from different care settings.

But getting access to that data for research and planning traditionally takes a long time, is complicated and expensive. That’s because each piece of research has to get agreement from many organisations and from the people whose data is being looked at.

Doctor talks to family





Our ambition 

We want to  





We are in the planning phase of this work. We are bringing together a programme board of senior leaders and a group of expert advisors to shape and guide how we do this.

We are working with our partners to understand the current situation citywide about the use of data for research and planning.  We are exploring


the city’s technological capabilities


the current ways of working (policies and practices)



our health and care workforce’s understanding and skills



and the best ways to meaningfully engage with Leeds people.


Using people’s health and care data is now a very fast moving topic nationally and around the world, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are closely monitoring new, national level decisions and policies and working together on what this means for our city, for our partner organisations and for the people of Leeds.

We will use these insights to inform our longer term plan over the following 18 months.


Keep in touch

Please contact us for more information or if you are interested in being involved.

Please revisit this web page for more updates as our work moves forward.


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