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Healthtech Catalyst

Population health is inextricably linked to population wealth.

The Leeds City Region’s world-leading concentration of excellence in healthtech positions it perfectly to capitalise on what is a globally burgeoning market.

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The issue

One of the Leeds City Region’s ambitions is to accelerate and scale healthtech innovation which drives forward improvements in population health and economic growth.

To achieve this, the innovation ‘pathway’ must be strong at each stage, from discovery to development and finally, deployment.

If not, then innovations can falter, fade or ultimately fail.


The solution

A strong innovation pathway means

How we are helping

With our regional healthtech partners, we’ve been ‘mapping the gaps’ in that pathway and discussing how we manage them. Having consulted a range of industry, corporate and public sector partners, in 2021 we will provide support to strengthen this pathway through our new Healthtech Catalyst.

Through the Healthtech Catalyst we are:

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 The impact

Our Healthtech Catalyst  supports our regional partnership ambitions to position Leeds City Region as the engine of health ideas and innovation that can drive levelling up, not just for our region’s economy, but the nation.

It will contribute significantly to the post Covid-19 economic and health recovery.

Our Healthtech Catalyst is helping

grow the number of new healthtech start-ups


retain and supporting existing scale up healthtech businesses


attract healthtech companies which can meet the needs of our residents and have the potential to scale their products nationally and internationally


improve people’s health across the Leeds City Region by deploying evidence-based healthtech solutions.



***Register here  to join our Healthtech Catalyst ***

See more in our 2021 report: Think big, start small scale fast. Please click here.

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