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The health and care system in England is facing some of the biggest challenges in its history. People are living longer, but not necessarily healthier lives. We must innovate to find transformative, sustainable solutions.

As a collaborative partnership between three Leeds universities, our health and care organisations and the City Council, we have world-class expertise at our fingertips. We discover solutions that operate at the limits of science, uniting the full research and educational expertise of our universities with the strengths of our health and care system.

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  • Revealing the clues to preventing ill health

    Revealing the clues to preventing ill health

    Leeds has launched a groundbreaking new study to spot the risk of disease before it starts. But what does this mean beyond the laboratory? Diane Burke, Head of Public Health for Long-term Conditions, Leeds City Council, explains how this could benefit local people’s lives.

  • Caring about life’s end

    Caring about life’s end

    This month in Leeds, around 50 health and care professionals will take precious time out of their busy schedules to attend an important event. They have agreed to come together to help transform our approach to caring for people across the city who are nearing the end of their lives. The Leeds Palliative Care Network (LPCN) is leading the case for change in Leeds. Palliative care specialists Professor Mike Bennett and Dr Mike Stockton are working with them and summarise here what needs to be considered.

  • Healthy lives need healthy homes

    Healthy lives need healthy homes

    The link between decent homes and good health was spotted long ago. Despite the pace of change accelerating around the world today, making the housing-health link remains as vital as ever. Tony Cooke, Chief Officer, Health Partnerships, Leeds City Council and Chief Operating Officer at Leeds Academic Health Partnership, considers the issue and how it is being addressed through partnership working in Leeds.

  • Inclusive growth – turning rhetoric into reality

    Inclusive growth – turning rhetoric into reality

    Inclusive economic growth: if it was easy, every city would have cracked it. In July, Leeds City Council launched its inclusive growth strategy supported by ‘12 big ideas’. Is the strategy achievable, who is ultimately responsible for its success and what does an academic health partnership have to do with it?
    Here, Leeds City Council’s Chief Officer for Economic Development (and a new member of the Leeds Academic Health Partnership’s operations group) Eve Roodhouse, offers food for thought.

  • Unravelling the complexity in innovation

    Unravelling the complexity in innovation

    With medical, technological and scientific discoveries advancing at speed, and with big data – which we know ‘saves lives’ – accumulating as never before, what are the challenges in applying all this to driving innovation to transform our health and care systems? Biochemistry undergraduate Sophie Elvidge shares her reflections and insights after spending a year’s placement working hard at Leeds Academic Health Partnership.

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