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Leeds Centre for Personalised Medicine and Health

The Leeds Academic Health Partnership exists to make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of people in Leeds and the wider population, by focusing on areas where research and academic excellence, leading frontline practice and industry innovation combine to make the greatest impact. One of these areas is personalised medicine.

Personalised medicine is about health and care practitioners working more collaboratively with citizens, whilst maximising technological and medical advances, to provide individuals with support and treatment tailored to their situation, predicted response, or risk. It brings together the many ways we can move from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to health and care, towards providing better, targeted therapies and interventions.

Leeds is at the forefront of developing this approach, with the Centre for Personalised Medicine and Health, based at the University of Leeds, leading the way.

The Centre draws on a broad spectrum of data, practice and research for a deeper insight into how personalised interventions can benefit individuals. It focuses on ‘precision medicine’, for example using genetic research to better understand different drug treatments, but complement this by aligning with wider personalised approaches, including those that utilise new technologies, to address some of the long-term conditions and socio-economic factors that place the greatest pressure on the UK health and care system.

In this way, the Leeds perspective on personalised medicine and health is about taking a uniquely whole-system approach to providing better care for each individual.

The Leeds Personalised Medicine Event - June 2016

In June 2016 we ran a Personalised Medicine conference in Leeds and invited partners from across academia, health and social care.  The purpose of the event was both to share our thoughts on the Leeds approach to personalised medicine but also to learn from the audience and understand the synergies and gaps in our approach.

The presentations from each of the speakers are below :

The videos that accompany each presentation are also being made available.  You can watch the ones that have been published to date here