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In Leeds everything starts with people.  Our relentless focus is on improving health and wellbeing for the people of Leeds and beyond.  We believe that the quality of the relationships we create are the key to making it happen.

Working with the LAHP provides a host of unique  strengths and diverse opportunities.  Our city is an ideal place to test and develop new technologies and innovations that respond to the  health and care challenges in Leeds, the UK and internationally.

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The LAHP offers access to the most senior decision makers in health and care around the city all in one place, making it straight-forward and efficient to work with us. The LAHP is our gateway to supporting health and care innovation and differentiating Leeds as “an easy place to do business with”, whether that business is undertaking research, training and education the current and future workforce or creating new products and services.

The LAHP offers an opportunity for potential investors to work in a city which has established a whole system approach to  finding solutions to the BIG public health c Investors will be working across the whole city – not limited to the coverage of individual organisations.  This provides a huge potential test bed to work with populations  from a  diversity of backgrounds.

The LAHP can also offer technical advice and expertise to potential partner organisations and is the only body of its kind in the country that  includes ALL the major decision makers across the health and care system.

If you’d like to work with us, we’d love a conversation. Get in touch and help us transform the health and wellbeing of people in Leeds and beyond.