The collective strengths of the Leeds Academic Health Partnership

What the Leeds Academic Health Partnership offers

Leeds is ideally placed to test and develop ideas, innovations and technologies that address a whole range of local, national and international health and wellbeing challenges.

We bring together senior leaders from all across health and care and offer a single point of access to networks, teams and initiatives. We’re proud of the breadth of our partnership, which reflects the size of our city and the strength of our shared ambition.

With all the major statutory health and care services involved, alongside all three universities, working with the Leeds Academic Health Partnership really does mean a ‘whole system’ approach to the support we provide and the relationships we develop. We see the bigger picture so we can make the biggest difference.

The work of the partnership is supported by Leeds’ strong health and care infrastructure.  The city hosts a number of major, national health organisations, including NHS England.  We work closely with the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA), which brings multi-disciplinary data specialists together to put evidence, information and research at the heart of health decision-making.

The presence of globally significant health companies from the private sector, a thriving third sector, and a strong and active role within the wider region, all add even more to an extensive Leeds offer.